Milan 19-21 Febbruary 2020

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Arzignano November 29, 2019

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ACLE 2019
September 3-5, 2019

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Presentation of a new scientific study


For leather, for you

An Italian company located in the tanning area of Arzignano (VI), world capital of the industry sector, GSC Group develops and produces chemicals for different sectors of the tanning industry, including re-tanning, fatliquoring and finishing. 
With state-of-the-art production systems over a 20,000-square metre area, over 150 workers and great brands, the Gsc Group is included among industry leaders in the national and international scene of chemical products for tanneries.
Quality along with ongoing research in compliance with environmental sustainability, contribute to accelerating the growth of the GSC Group in a market that requires innovation and high-value added products.

We have designed the best chemical products to treat leathers and facilitate our customers’ businesses.