GSC Group: chemical products for tanning industry

for leather, for you

for leather, for you

for leather, for you

for leather, for you

A big family since 1976

with a passion and tradition
for leather chemistry

GSC Group is a chemical company that is a symbol of Italian excellence, a leader in the national market and internationally established for the supply of chemical products for the tanning industry. The company is recognized for the quality of its production, for its high value-added chemical solutions and for its capable, flexible and fast customer service.

OMW Technology

From olive mill wastewater to leather

We have developed a range of revolutionary products by exploiting the tanning power of OMW creating a more sustainable approach to safeguard our future.

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for leather, for you

“for Leather, For you” is the way to express GSC corporate philosophy and DNA.
“for leather” encapsulates the company’s core business, leather chemicals;
“for you” focuses on the most important point, the customer. The customer is central, the company is always committed to offering assistance and attention to them and the environment.


The priority of GSC Group is to ensure its contribution to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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