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The Serafini family represented by the Adriano, Caterina and Francesco Serafini together with their partners Claudio Bortolati, Diego Cisco, Nicola Lombardo and Piero Vignaga are driving the constant growth of the company and never loosing sight of the long term goals. In a economic and social context with it’s growing complexity, GSC Group offers to be an active part in the building of their customers future, partnership together.

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The title I have chosen is meant to be a message.

In order to always move forward and look to the future, you first need to be aware of your own history and the idea we have of doing business. Our story is based on a few clear concepts. We are a family-owned, Italian company offering quality chemical products and tailored customer service. In the choices I make every day, I consider the well-being of the people and communities around me. I see the ownership of the company not as a personal privilege, but as a responsibility to pass on a legacy of skills and knowledge that must be nurtured over time.

I am happy with our past but also aware that we must always look ahead. Our future holds great opportunities but also great responsibilities. Over the years, we have always worked to interpret and translate the concept of evolutionary quality into our way of being and in our products. Our work has always been distinguished by the research for continuous improvement in our know-how, always at the service of our customers, adapting our culture of quality and our professionalism to the ever more rapid changes in the scenario.
Adriano Serafini, CEO

We must always look ahead.
Our tomorrow holds great opportunities for us.

Environmental responsibility, transparency and traceability

The annual sustainability report confirms the company’s ongoing commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its products and to manage its production processes responsibly, ensuring traceability and transparency.



GSC WAS FOUNDED by Donato Serafini and Giovanni Gianesini in the tanners district of Arzignano Italy.

They started as a distributor of dyes (dye stuff).

From this moment on, the story of the company is interwoven with the growth of the tanning industry of northern Italy.

ANNI ‘90

Extending their portfolio, GSC extends the companies offer to waterbased finishing products for automotive, shoe upper, garment and leather goods. Creating a solution for replacing Solvent based topcoats as legislation demanded meeting requirements for the future .

ANNI 2000

At the beginning of 2000’s the company continues to grow, investing in new technologies as
well as in strategic acquisitions to strengthen their position in the market. GSC Group engages qualified people, technologies and innovative machineries.


The GSC Group is established with the current corporate structure, pursuing a growth and investment policy.

GSC acquires EXEL a chemical producer expanding their presence in the automotive and upholstery sector. GSC also acquires LETEX, a producer of wet end and chemicals for finishing, including pigments, mainly for the fashion sector.

The collaboration with ITA Chemicals LTD an Italian chemical supplier based in Zhongshan China starts.


Acquisition of VANDONI a company with 80 years of experience in shoe upper and leather goods.


BER CHIMICA joined the Group who’s speciality is Touchmill which is a product line specially designed for the dry milling of leather.

GSC Group opens a production branch in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and starts a partnership in Zhongshan
(China) with ITA Chemicals, expanding and strengthening its brand in South America and Asia.


MODALUX starts – a new company dedicated to new finishing processes of leather.


IKEM is acquired a chemical producer specialized in drum dyes and flame- retardants mainly used in the wet end processes.

Today the Group is amongst the market leaders in Italy and has gained high international recognition.