Quality and management certified internationally

GSC Group has sustained significant investments to certify its production, environmental and safety standards.


Refers to quality of the products and services. It covers all decisional procedures, customer support, technical assistances including after sales support. Here we find all of the foundational elements of the GSC Group.

UNI EN ISO 14001

Refers to the environmental management which has revolutionized our work and shaped the way of production in our organisation. It shows our comittment to the environment where we continously improve our impact by reducing polluting agents and taking the  responsibility to lower emissions and waste.

UNI EN ISO 45001

Refers specifically to health and work safety where we  are comitted to reduce work accidents, embetter the SSL and provide a safe working environment.

ISO 14064-1

(GHG – Greenhouse Gas Emissions)  specifies the organisational principles and requirements to determine and subsequently reduce the GHG. This includes  the requirements for the projection of UNI EN ISO 45001 where the inventory of greenhouse gas emission will be summarized.