Code of ethics

Code of ethics

For many years GSC has committed to respect all ethical standards and practices to the betterment of social rules within the company. This underlines the Group‘s vision of  human well being and the respect of our planet.

The Codex of Ethic‘s contains all principles our employees, collaborators, customers and suppliers and whoever is in contact with our company has to respect and follow its mandate.


Organisation, management and control model

Legislative Decree no.231 of 8th June 2001 (the “Decree”) introduced the principle of administrative liability of Entities for certain offences committed in their interest or to their advantage by persons in a senior position or subject to the management or supervision of these persons.

In order to ensure, as far as possible, the prevention of commission of these offences, the Board of Directors of GSC Group SpA has adopted an organisation, management and control model (the “Model”).

The current Model was adopted by the Board of Directors of GSC Group SpA on 13/11/2018.

The Model is part of a broader corporate policy of GSC Group SpA, which seeks to respect ethical principles of management and which has also led to the adoption of the Code of Ethics, always drawn up according to the provisions of the Decree.

A specific sanctioning system, organized and based on the different types of subjects who interact or come into contact with the Company, is provided for in the event of violation of the provisions of the Model.

A special Supervisory Body, appointed by the Board of Directors (“BoD”), has the task of supervising the functioning of and compliance with the Model and the Code of Ethics and of ensuring that they are kept up-to-date.

Any violations of the Model or the Code of Ethics may be reported to the Supervisory Body by post or by e-mail to