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Dyes for leather

Excellent dyeing performance

The careful selection of raw materials, the control of each batch and the continuous evolution of production techniques allows us to ensure our customers supplies are always of the highest quality standards and guarantee the consistency of the chemical and dyeing characteristics of our products.

Technical assistance and dyeing development are an integral part of our offer.

Our dyes are selected for articles from all sectors: Upholstery, Footwear, Leather Goods and Automotive. They ensure excellent dyeing behavior both on grain and on velour, to allow us to obtain homogeneous, bright and full dyes, able to satisfy even the most demanding specification analysis.

International ZDHC certification

Our ranges meet the most advanced requirements: in addition to complying with current local legislation, they have acquired international ZDHC certification.

Dyes for leather - Automotive

Colour card for Automotive
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Dyes for leather - Upholstery

Colour card for Upholstery
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Dyes for leather - Footware and leather goods

Colour card for Footware and leather goods
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