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Footwear and leather goods

Italian know-how

The expression Made in Italy in the fashion sector has always been synonymous with know-how. An Italian know-how with a great deal of creativity and industrial history behind it, such as what GSC Group offers to its customers through a range of innovative and technical-application solutions of the highest quality in the processing of leather for footwear, clothing and leather goods.

Fashion trends and news

The continuous evolution of fashion trends requires quick solutions that the company is able to provide. GSC Group’s team of professionals collaborate with stylists and designers. Every season GSC Group offers its customers new fashion leather collections in the tradition of Italian craftsmanship.

Eco-friendly solutions

GSC Group has a wide range of state-of-the-art products dedicated to the footwear and leather goods sector.

  • patented products and technologies for tanning; 
  • retanning agents with low Voc content; 
  • metal-free pigments; 
  • bio-based products; 
  • more.

Products to protect the leather from alcohol-based substances

GSC Group offers innovative products and technologies that resist the aggressive action of alcohol-based cleaning and sanitising products in response to the Covid-19 emergency.

Polygiene LeatherCoteTM, the range of products that block the growth of viruses and bacteria

GSC Group, in collaboration with Polygiene Group, has developed a product line that incorporated into the finishing forms a silver ion coating with antimicrobial action, preventing bacterial-related odour on leather 24/7.

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