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OMW (Olive Mill Wastewater) Technology

From olive mill wastewater to leather

We have developed a range of revolutionary products by exploiting the tanning power of OMW creating a more sustainable approach to safeguard our future.

A new technology from an Italian source that will revolutionize the tanning process

The OMW Technology is eco-sustainable and metal-free, suitable for leathers used in all types of applications and sectors. The use of the OMW Technology is protected by international patent.

OMW Technology is synonymous with circular economy.

OMW tanning agents are obtained from a food industry waste and applied to a meat production waste (hides).

OMW leather tanning is more ecological and healthier for humans.

The OMW tanning process is free from risk of formation of hexavalent chrome and is devoid of the toxicity of glutaraldehyde.

OMW Technology is entirely "Made in Italy".

Its tanning agents are produced in Italy with a unique process that uses the Italian OMW (mainly from Tuscany and Puglia) to make a unique chemistry for the global tanning industry.


We grouped all the most frequent questions about the OMW Technology to answer to doubts and curiosities. Visit the FAQs page and find more about the revolutionary metal-free tanning process.

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