Production - GSC Group


State-of-the-art systems for all-round product control

With an annual production of 35,500 tonnes of liquids, dyes, powders and pigments, the Arzignano-based company is one of the leading producers of chemicals for the tanning industry in Italy.

Wet-end plant

GSC Group has over 15 reactors for wet-end products. The entire highly automated system is connected to an aspiration / condensation system for vapor recovery. It is also connected to an automatic packaging and labeling system.

Finishing Plant

Thanks to an integrated structure, which allows to work with great flexibility, today GSC Group provides care in the control of finishing processes, with highly automated production departments with over 10 reactors of different dimensions dedicated.

Powder plant

An innovative and modern installation. This modular plant can handle small batches and massive single production campaigns, doubling the daily production capacity. The system complies with the latest ATEX regulations and allows the GSC GROUP to work in complete safety.

Pigment plant

GSC produces a wide range of pigments with a state-of-the-art production facility. The production process is long and well controlled in order to achieve a high quality that distinguishes us in the market.


Considerable attention is devoted to storage of product in order to preserve the characteristics of the raw material.

Over 50 silos (30.000 kg each one) keep the products at a controlled and constant temperature, with innovative sampling and weighing system products.

Product traceability

A new management system including EDI platform and product traceability using QR codes to improve performance and save time.

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