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Products for dry milling drums

The power of touch: innovative and eco-friendly products

A line of products designed to ennoble the aesthetic and physical qualities of leathers.

Treatment is carried out in dry milling drums, to get the most out of every product in a controlled environment.

The research, study and formulation of new solutions for the Touchmill line are designed to meet the “Customisation” needs of the leather.

Injecting Touchmill products into the dry milling drum and controlling the temperature and humidity, gives the leathers a natural effect and results in significant savings in production costs.

In the GSC Group tradition, the Touchmill line is the result of skilful and reliable work and something very important – innovation.

Advantages of using Touchmill products

Tannery workers can use Touchmill products on all types of leathers, from upholstery to footwear, from leather goods to clothing and to automotive.

The characteristics given in these sheets are only indicative. Product specifications are available on request.


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Touch modifiers

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