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Touchmill C/FAT is used to soften leathers. To be used on crust or finished leathers and never in the intermediate phase. It is also an excellent product for cleaning leathers, in both dry-milling drums and used on the finished product.

Method of use

Touchmill C/FAT is injected into the drum approximately 45 minutes after dry milling has begun, when the drum has reached a temperature of 45°C and the desired humidity of a 45% minimum.
On bovine leathers, we recommend using 1 Kg of the product for every 10 leathers, diluted 1 x 2 parts water.
The product quantity also depends largely on the hardness of the leathers.
After injecting the product, leave the humidistat closed for 20 minutes and then the drum is automatically brought back to temperature and humidity.
Keep milling for at least 8 hours.
Check, cool and remove leathers.
It is recommended to stake the leathers after dry milling.
This product may be used in a roller coating machine diluted 1 x 1 part water.
In this case Touchmill C/FAT must be applied onto the flesh part of the leather. After treatment, leave the leathers to rest for 24 hours and then stake them.


Touchmill C/CAR is a product designed for the application on hides intended for automotive and does not compromise the Fogging Test. It helps to soften leathers and is excellent on wet white leathers. To be used on crust leathers.

Method of use

We recommend using Touchmill C/CAR on crust leathers by applying it with the roller coating machine (R.C.M.). Dilute the product 1 x 1 part water and apply onto the flesh part of the leather. Leave the leathers to rest for 24 hours and then stake them.

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