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Products with low bisphenol content

At the forefront of health protection

The range of retanning agents with low bisphenol content meet the demands for a healthier future for the leather industry.

Reducing bisphenols in leather: a challenge to be met

As of January 2023, BPS and BPF are listed in the ‘Bisphenols Substance of Concern’ of ECHA’s ‘Substances of Very High Concern’ (SVHC) register. Ongoing regulatory developments bring clear consequences for the leather sector. Indeed, the pressing demands for stricter limits on bisphenol content, both in articles and in chemical auxiliaries, could lead to stricter labelling requirements and product restrictions in the near future.

Increased safety without compromising product and article performance

As one of the major players in the leather chemicals sector, GSC Group feels called upon to address the issue and propose environmentally friendly alternatives that pose no potential risk to human health. Our new range of low bisphenol retanning agents guarantee the same high performance, whilst adding a variety of desirable properties into the leather. These products are highly adaptable, suiting a wide variety of articles.


The characteristics given in these sheets are only indicative. Product specifications are available on request.

Low Bisphenol

Retanning agents range
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