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Technical support

Planning, consultancy and response

The mission of the GSC Group is to satisfy customers: to offer chemical solutions for the various articles to be treated in the tanning process, from leathers for high fashion in the footwear and leather goods sectors, to leathers for upholstery and car interiors, ensuring quality, availability, accessibility and immediacy.

Just as a tailor makes a made-to-measure suit, GSC Group follows its customers’ projects step by step, providing them with important assistance and personalisation, always adapting extremely quickly to changes in the sector and new regulations in force.

GSC Group is a combination of flexibility and speed of response on the one hand, and on the other a complex and evolving process of high professionalism of all the company's staff.

Presence on the territory

The GSC Group is able to satisfy every need for every type of leather; this is why the GSC Group has three specialised laboratories in the major tanning districts of Italy: Arzignano, Santa Croce and Solofra. The importance of recognising the customer’s needs has led us, over time, to open other specialised laboratories in other countries, such as in China and Argentina. But that’s not all, because thanks to our agents we can count on technical staff and laboratories in many other countries. Our centres have become an international meeting place where technical expertise and application technology are shared.

Expertise and skills

GSC Group places great emphasis on the experience and training of its staff, who over the years have achieved considerable skill, expertise: teams of over 50 professionals including researchers and technicians.

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