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Style, comfort, elegance and durability

Leather furniture is a precious element in almost every household.
For over forty years, GSC Group has had a dedicated line for the production of upholstery leather. The technical characteristics and performance achieved by the products and their application meet the highest specifications.

Eco-sustainable solutions

GSC Group has a wide range of cutting-edge products dedicated to the upholstery sector.

  • patented products and technologies for metal-free tanning;
  • retanning agents with low VOC content;
  • metal-free pigments;
  • bio-based products;
  • more.

Products with high resistance to rubbing with alcohol-based disinfectants

GSC Group offers products and technologies that shield the leather from the aggressive action of alcohol-based disinfection products used in sanitisation from the outbreak of the pandemic to the present day.

Polygiene LeatherCoteTM, the range of products that inhibit the growth of microbes

Polygiene LeatherCoteTM technology, incorporated into the finishing during manufacturing stage, forms a silver ion coating that limits microbial growth by up to 99.9%, eliminating bacterial odour throughout the life cycle of the leather.

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